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This Cookie Policy sets out the basis on which we, NOUVATAN, use cookies and similar technologies on our website available at (our website). By continuing to use our website, you consent to our use of cookies and similar technologies in accordance with the terms of this Cookie Policy.We may update this Cookie Policy from time to time in order to keep you fully informed about our latest practices involving cookies and similar technologies on our website. You should check this Cookie Policy each time you visit our website in order to find out whether our use of cookies and similar technologies has changed.The effective date of this Cookie Policy is .We recommend that you download and retain a copy of this Cookie Policy for your records.


About Cookies

Cookies are small data files that are sent between web servers and web browsers. They are used for a range of different purposes, such as personalising a website for a particular user; collecting analytics to improve a user's experience of the website; and storing a user's preferences such as login and shopping cart information.

Cookies are finite resources which have a limited lifetime and can be classified as either; Session Cookies; or Persistent Cookies.

Session Cookies are stored by your web browser for as long as you keep the web browser open. They expire when you close the web browser. You can also manually delete them from your web browser.

Persistent Cookies are stored by your web browser until the cookie's associated expiration date is reached, or until you manually delete them from your web browser, whichever occurs first.

Cookies set by the web server for the current website are considered First-Party Cookies. Cookies set by other web servers are considered Third-Party Cookies.

If you require further information about cookies in general, please visit

Types of cookies we use

Our cookies do not usually contain personal information. Our cookies may, however, be used in combination with other information to identify you.

We use the following types of cookies on our website:

Essential Cookies

These are cookies which are necessary in order for us to run our website and its essential functions. We use essential cookies for the following purposes on our website:

  • to administer our website;
  • to ensure our website functions properly when you interact with it;
  • for processing payments for goods and services you purchase on or via our website;
  • for signing in or accessing secure areas of our website and for recognising whether a user is or has signed in;
  • for remembering information you have entered on a form on our website.

Functional Cookies

These are cookies that store information about your preferences and recognise you whenever you return to a website, in order to improve your website experience and personalise it for you. We use functional cookies for the following purposes on our website:

  • to recognise you when you return to our website;
  • to improve your experience of our website;
  • to recognise whether you have accepted the use of cookies on our website;
  • to recognise the type of browsing device you are using, including your browser and browser settings, for the purpose of displaying our website to you in an appropriate format;
  • for the purpose of providing our contact form enquiry service.

Analytical or Performance Cookies

Analytical cookies track and gather data about what a user does on a website. We use analytical cookies for the following purposes on our website:

  • to analyse users' access to and use of our website and its features;
  • to record users' behaviour on our website such as mouse movement and clicks and scrolling activity. Confidential information such as username and password information is not collected or viewable by us;
  • to improve our website, including its usability, functionality, content and user experience.

The information we collect using analytical cookies is collected on an anonymised basis.

Targeting Cookies

We do not use targeting cookies on our website.

Third-Party Cookies

Third parties may use cookies on, via, or in relation to our website in order to analyse your use of our website. Third party cookies used in relation to our website include:

  • Google Analytics Cookies – Google uses cookies to collect and process data about how users use websites, including for the purpose of tracking such data on an anonymous basis. For more information on how Google uses data when you use its partners' sites or apps, please visit

We cannot be responsible for the ways in which third parties use information about you which they gather from their use of cookies.

How to accept or reject cookies

The easiest way to accept or reject some or all cookies used by a website is to adjust your browser settings. If you do not know how to do this, the links below set out information about how to change your browser settings for some of the most commonly used web browsers:

Some browsers allow you to change your settings to browse in 'incognito' mode, limiting the amount of data placed on your machine. There are also third party applications which you can add to your browser to block or manage cookies.

You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking by visiting

You are welcome to block the use of some or all of the cookies we use on our website. However, please be aware that doing so may impair our website and its functionality or may even render some or all of it unusable.

You can find more detailed information about cookies and adjusting your browser settings by visiting

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