Self Tan Collection

Get your dream tan at home with the skin-loving Nouvatan Self Tan collection. Infused with nourishing active ingredients and packed with plant botanicals, our formulations are free from parabens, alcohol and oils, are cruelty-free, vegan friendly and manufactured exclusively in Britain. Tanning really has never been kinder to your skin. Read more →

Parabens Free Nouvatan
Vegan Friendly Nouvatan
Alcohol Free 300x100
Cruelty Free Nouvatan

The home of feel-good tanning

Nouvatan is the natural choice for tan-fans who care about what they put on their skin. Our customer favourite Tan in a Can delivers a beautiful bronze glow in an instant, whilst the lovely, lightweight Self Tanning Mousse is ideal for an even, long-lasting sunless tan to top up your colour in between spray tan applications.

For a stunning colour that you can build up gradually, the Nouvaglow Gradual Tan Intense Moisturiser contains 8% DHA which will develop your tan far more quickly than regular off-the-shelf supermarket products, and is perfect for achieving a deep, natural-looking glow.

Self Tan Application
Self Tan Proof

Working in synergy with your moisturiser

Your gorgeous golden glow needn’t stop at your neck. Our skin nourishing Face Tanning Serum Drops work in synergy with your moisturiser to give you a radiant, sun-kissed complexion that glows from the inside out.

Whether instant or gradual, achieve your perfect colour with our natural, vegan-friendly self tan solutions for fuss-free home application and a flawless finish. If you are looking to extend or top-up your professionally applied Spray Tan, you can be sure of a consistent colour match and smooth, streak-free application.

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