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Start Your Spray Tan Business

Sep 5 2023

Turn Your Free Time Into A Financially Secure Future

As the Summer Holidays have come to an end and the kids are heading back to school, you might suddenly find yourself with more free time on your hands. Why not put that time to good use and consider starting a productive and rewarding venture with your newfound freedom? You ...
Ultimate Guide To Fake Tanning Your Face

Jul 20 2023

Mastering the Art of Achieving a Natural Glow: The Ultimate Guide to Applying Fake Tan on Your Face

There is a lot of emphasis on fake tanning your body but not so much on getting a flawless fake tan on your face. However, this is usually the first thing people notice when they look at you. It can seem daunting to apply fake tan to your face for ...
Weve Got You Covered

Jul 11 2023

What is the difference between Red-Based and Green-Based Spray Tan Solutions?

When it comes to achieving a sun-kissed glow without the harmful effects of UV rays, spray tanning has become a very popular choice. However, not all spray tan solutions are created equal. Two common types of spray tan solutions available on the market are either red-based spray tan solutions or ...
Want To Change Your Spray Tan Brand

Sep 22 2021

Do you want to change your current spray tan brand?

NOUVATAN Spray Tanning Solutions are created for professionals by professionals. You will NEVER find our product in high street shops or supermarkets. All our solutions contain active, organic, natural ingredients and NO harmful parabens, alcohol or oils. With 7 shades of Original Solution ranging from 6%-20% DHA and 3 Shades ...
Start Your Spray Tan Business

Sep 2 2021

Are the kids starting School? Start a new business for YOU!

Well, the kids are heading back to school! Have you suddenly found yourself thinking you will have a lot more free time on your hands? After the long break and holidays, start thinking about your next step!  Stop binging on Netflix shows and start to do something productive and rewarding ...
Gradual Tanning Application

Mar 12 2020

Gradual Tanning v Tan Mousse or Spray Application

It's a popular question and one that crops up often on our social media channels. We all want to look our best, and a healthy tan showing wonderful bronzed skin certainly makes us feel better, so the big question today is: Why do some people use a Gradual Tan rather ...
Get A Spray Tan When Its Raining

Feb 27 2020

Can I Get a Spray Tan When It’s Raining?

We’ve all been here: It’s the morning of the spray tan you’ve had booked in your diary for weeks now and you look outside to discover it’s STILL pouring with rain, sleet and snow. Argh!  In such a bleak-seeming situation, you can either be brave and determined and stay committed to ...
Cheap Tents V Quality Tents

Feb 10 2020

Cheap Spray Tan Tents v Real Tents

How do you know the difference? Well, in a lot of cases, this is hard to see online as the sizes are usually the same. However, look out for the velcro-vented ones (the zipped vent in the back tends to be the poorer-quality ones). Look out for a company tag ...
Nouvatan 10 Out Of 10

Feb 6 2020

Nouvatan, a 10 out of 10!

We are over the moon and beyond excited to share the amazing news that we have been nominated again to make the Final 4 for the Best Tanning Supplier on the Guild Awards of Excellence We have got to this stage again because of YOU and your customers alike. And ...
Tansparent Perfect For Brides

Feb 5 2020

Getting Your Wedding Tan Right

SCHEDULE A TRIAL SPRAY It's very important to schedule a consultation and trial Nouvatan spray. Always be sure to have a trial run set up. This will allow you to know the exact shade to use when the final appointment comes. A consultation or trial spray should be scheduled at ...
Your Spray Tanning Questions Answered

Nov 13 2019

All your spray tanning questions answered

Nothing beats the glow of sun-kissed skin, especially after a holiday. But often, it comes at the price of skin damage and the risk of cancer. That is why sunless tanning, in the form of spray tans or self-tanner, has become more and more popular over the years. And with ...
Dha What Is This Spray Tan Ingredient

Oct 25 2019

DHA: What does this self-tanning ingredient really mean?

Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, is one of the primary ingredients found in sunless tanning products, including Nouvatan. It is a colourless, non-toxic sugar that is derived from plants like sugarcane and beets, which is what gives this ingredient its sweet-smelling odour. DHA is what causes your skin to go darker when using ...

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