Nouvatan 10 Out Of 10

Nouvatan, a 10 out of 10!

We are over the moon and beyond excited to share the amazing news that we have been nominated again to make the Final 4 for the Best Tanning Supplier on the Guild Awards of Excellence

We have got to this stage again because of YOU and your customers alike. And obviously, we believe we have the BEST TANNING SOLUTIONS and SELF TAN PRODUCTS available to you, the Professional range that will never be sat on High Street Shelves!  Our Brand is packed full of raw, active, natural and Organic ingredients that all have a shelf life, as do all cosmetic products.  Do you actually REALLY know how long that Self Tan Mousse has been sat on the shelf in your local Superdrug?  Will it go Green before you even get it home?  With Nouvatan, our range is freshly produced so you will never have that feeling.

We are now in our 11th Year in the Spray Tan Industry and will be here for MANY MANY MORE!  We, like our Brand have grown naturally and organically over the last 11 years without the need of paying Celebrities to endorse our range and we’ve never advertised in Magazines.

10/10, why?  Well, with a whopping total of 10 shades of Organic, Vegan & Cruelty free ingredients we deserve 10/10

THANK YOU to you all so much and if you haven’t already voted for us, simply click here and let’s see if we can finally bring this Award home!!

Voting ends 31st March and the Winners will be announced on Friday 3rd April 2020.  ♥️


Professional Spray Tan Solutions Range Rect

Spray Tan Solutions

Designed by professionals for professionals, Nouvatan Spray Tanning Solutions are the natural choice for a perfect, even tan.

Self Tan Product Range Rect

Self Tan Range

Infused with nourishing active ingredients, packed with plant botanicals, and free from parabens, alcohol and oils, are cruelty-free.

Spray Tan Kits Rect

Self Tan Kits

Spray Tanning Kits, with or without training, for home users, Mobile Spray Tan Therapists and Salon Professionals.

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