Tansparent Perfect For Brides

Getting Your Wedding Tan Right


It’s very important to schedule a consultation and trial Nouvatan spray. Always be sure to have a trial run set up. This will allow you to know the exact shade to use when the final appointment comes. A consultation or trial spray should be scheduled at least two-three weeks in advance to allow enough time for the tan to be removed entirely before the main event. Ensure you provide honest feedback on the first spray tan to determine what needs to happen differently at the final appointment; take into consideration, smell, colour, temporary guide colour, unless you use a clear tan, tan longevity, and what you Groom/Partner will have on their skin so you don’t look too different from each other when photographed on your big day.


The most important piece of advice we give to bridal parties is to book all other beauty appointments BEFORE your Nouvatan spray tan. Other appointments would include nails, hair, lash extensions, waxing, facials, etc. Oils and leftover residue from these treatments can act as a barrier, keeping the spray tan solution from adequately penetrating the skin. We recommend having these treatments done 24-48 hours before the spray tan appointment to ensure their skin is properly balanced and ready for that gorgeous glow!


We suggest booking the last spray tan appointment two days before the wedding day. Two days in advance will allow the tan to fully develop, leaving the client with fresh, healthy, and glowing skin for the big day. If you decide not you use Tansparent ™, Nouvatan’s clear solution, we do not want to risk having any of the guide colour rub off on your white dress, so we strongly advise against scheduling the final spray tan the day before the wedding, if possible. If you are unavailable and must schedule your tan one day before, be sure of the importance of washing the guide colour off completely before stepping into your wedding dress
Take a look at a selection of some of our most stunning Bridal tans over on Pinterest 
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Spray Tan Solutions

Designed by professionals for professionals, Nouvatan Spray Tanning Solutions are the natural choice for a perfect, even tan.

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Self Tan Range

Infused with nourishing active ingredients, packed with plant botanicals, and free from parabens, alcohol and oils, are cruelty-free.

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Spray Tanning Kits, with or without training, for home users, Mobile Spray Tan Therapists and Salon Professionals.

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