Gradual Tanning Application

Gradual Tanning v Tan Mousse or Spray Application

It’s a popular question and one that crops up often on our social media channels. We all want to look our best, and a healthy tan showing wonderful bronzed skin certainly makes us feel better, so the big question today is:

Why do some people use a Gradual Tan rather than a Tanning Mousse or Spray Application?

At Nouvatan, we offer many ways to achieve the perfect tan that’s just right for you. So whether it’s spray tanning with a professionally qualified spray tan therapist or through one of our self-tan products for you to use at home, the choice is always yours. This article is all about why you’d choose a gradual tan moisturiser over a tanning mousse or spray tan, so let’s look at those reasons.

Contrary to what you may have seen in the press and on the profiles of certain reality tv ‘stars’, not everyone wants to look Uber-tanned straight away. Perhaps they want to ‘test the water’ with a subtle approach first. This is where a gradual tan product like our Nouvaglow Gradual Tan Intense Moisturiser really shines. You can apply it as part of your daily moisturising routine, substituting your usual body moisturiser, and in just a few days, you can have a healthy looking and feeling tan. It’s also very easy to stop when you have the level of tan you are comfortable with and top up as needed.

The image above is of our Nouvaglow Intense, used once a day over just 3 days. the results are remarkable, effortless to achieve, and most importantly, kind to your skin. It is our bestseller for both men and women, regularly using Nouvaglow to control their tan and building slowly to the natural-looking shade that suits them best.

Other uses of Nouvaglow

Of course, that’s not the only reason people love a gradual tan, though most importantly, a gradual tan that contains a moisturiser. Many of our customers tell us they take Nouvaglow on holiday with them to work in combination with their SPF of choice. Using a gradual tan product this way allows you to safely develop a gorgeous tan while limiting your exposure to those harmful UVA rays. Plus, when using Nouvaglow, which is enriched with Vitamins A, B5 & E, your skin remains naturally nourished and looks great.

You won’t find our products in warehouses, supermarkets or at online retailers. You will find our comprehensive range of self-tan products, including Nouvalow Gradual Tan Intense Moisturiser, here on our website, or ask your NOUVATAN Spray Tan Therapist or a local beauty salon offering NOUVATAN Spray Tans, as they may stock them for you.

Our entire range of tanning products has no Mineral Oils, no Alcohol and is crammed with natural, active, organic ingredients enriched with Vitamins A, B5 & E with a lovely Coconut fragrance. All this leaves you looking and feeling as if you’ve just come back from holiday.

Some important points about the Nouvatan range:

  • Vegan Friendly & Cruelty-Free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Clinically proven
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Nouvaglow Gradual Tan Intense Moisturiser is quick-drying, and remember to rinse your hands after application.

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