Get A Spray Tan When Its Raining

Can I Get a Spray Tan When It’s Raining?

We’ve all been here: It’s the morning of the spray tan you’ve had booked in your diary for weeks now and you look outside to discover it’s STILL pouring with rain, sleet and snow. Argh!  In such a bleak-seeming situation, you can either be brave and determined and stay committed to your appointment and unearth your trusty umbrella and raincoat or if you must then reschedule your appointment, which may or may not work out depending on what you have planned for the immediate future!

Should you cancel a spray tan if it’s raining?

Absolutely not!  Getting a spray tan in the rain is totally doable! Just make sure you are prepared, let’s face it, us Brits are used to the storms and rain!  Make sure you have an umbrella and you’re wearing a waterproof coat and clothes that cover your body and skin properly. If you can, drive or book a taxi to and from your appointment!

What should you wear to your spray tan appointment?

Always wear loose, dark clothing for after your spray tan.  Did you know, it’s your Spray tan therapists WORST nightmare if you arrive for your appointment in tight fitting jeans and clothes!  And obviously BE PREPARED for rain, even if the sun is shining!

What might happen if your spray tan gets wet?

If you’re having a full body spray tan, you can’t get it wet for about six to eight hours. Should that happen and you do, it may cause patches or streaks. Even with the newer and faster developing solutions, you should avoid getting wet within the first hour. If you get wet immediately after a spray tan, take a clean, dry, soft towel and pat off where the tan has run, and then apply a little self tan Mousse or Tan in a Can over the top and allow for the tan to develop.  For more tips on how to apply, you can read about them here

Stay calm and Don’t panic!  It will all be OK after the guide colour is washed off! Never EVER judge your spray tan until AFTER you have had your first shower and the recommended development time.

What self tan products can I use at home if getting wet is unavoidable?

Nouvatan Self Tan Mousse or Tan in a Can will give you an INSTANT tan but also allows you to shower off after 4 hours after application.
If you prefer a gradual tan that YOU control, then go for our bestselling Nouvaglow INTENSE  which has a whopping 8% DHA as the secret ingredient!
All of our self tan products are available in light or dark so just make your choice!
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Spray Tan Solutions

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Self Tan Range

Infused with nourishing active ingredients, packed with plant botanicals, and free from parabens, alcohol and oils, are cruelty-free.

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Spray Tanning Kits, with or without training, for home users, Mobile Spray Tan Therapists and Salon Professionals.

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