How To Apply Fafe Tan To Your Face

How to flawlessly apply fake tan to your face

There is a lot of emphasis on fake-tanning your body, but not so much on getting a flawless fake tan on your face. However, this is usually the first thing people notice when they look at you. It can seem daunting to apply fake tan to your face for that exact reason, but the last thing you want is a pale face that doesn’t match rest of your beautiful bronze body!

There can also be some concern about using self-tanner bought on the high street, due to ingredients used by these high street brands that include parabens and other nasty chemicals. But with Nouvatan, you don’t need to worry – all our self-tanning products are vegan-friendly, natural and organic, and paraben-free! Bursting with Vitamins A, B5 & E, and containing a delicate Coconut aroma, our tanning products are completely safe for your face.

By following our tips, you will transform your tanning routine and get a flawless fake tan on your face.

Prepare your skin

You should never apply self-tanner to a face that is suffering from dry skin – your results will be very uneven and patchy due to the product getting concentrated on the dry skin patches. So always make sure your skin is smooth and hydrated before applying fake tan. The best way to do this is with weekly exfoliation and moisturisation.

Protect the parts you don’t want to tan

You don’t want to get tanner on your eyebrows or your lips as this could cause unwanted staining. Use a beauty balm or petroleum jelly to create a protective layer upon these areas.

Slow and steady wins the race

We highly recommend using a gradual self-tanner on the face, such as our Nouvaglow Gradual Tan Moisturiser 4%. It allows you to gradually build coverage, giving yourself enough time in between applications to see if you like the results.

You can also mix Nouvaglow Gradual tan with your everyday moisturiser, so you get the benefits from both.

Remember, the slower you work, the less likely you are to make any mistakes. It’s easier to add more self-tanner than it is to take self-tanner off!

Preserve your golden glow

Preserving your tan on your face requires a lot more work than it does on the rest of the body, because it fades much faster. This is because we tend to wash our face more often than our bodies with considerably more emphasis – think of all those face washes, face masks and cleansers!

To make your tan last longer, try applying a combination of ¼ self-tanner and ¾ your favourite daily moisturiser every few days. This will give you a gentle golden glow that can be maintained even whilst cleansing and exfoliating.


If you follow these top tips on how to fake tan your face, you will see how simple the process really is. Our final beauty tip for getting flawless glowing skin is to apply a good quality sunscreen every morning; since your tan is fake, you don’t need to put your skin at risk of wrinkles and premature signs of ageing by exposing it to the sun. Sunless tanning is the path to glowing, youthful skin!


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