No sign of a tan yet? No problem! You need NO UVA TAN

3 in 1 Tanning Mitt      Self Tanning Mousse 200ml


OK, so we’re not all lucky enough to have the spare time to lie around bathe in the sunshine so why not use our popular INSTANT Mousse available in light (10%) & dark (14%) to give you the sun kissed, natural golden glow without having to sit in the harmful UV rays!  Ask your Nouvatan Spray Tan Therapist and see what everyone is talking about.  YOU CAN BUY NOW by clicking here


Professional Spray Tan Solutions Range Rect

Spray Tan Solutions

Designed by professionals for professionals, Nouvatan Spray Tanning Solutions are the natural choice for a perfect, even tan.

Self Tan Product Range Rect

Self Tan Range

Infused with nourishing active ingredients, packed with plant botanicals, and free from parabens, alcohol and oils, are cruelty-free.

Spray Tan Kits Rect

Self Tan Kits

Spray Tanning Kits, with or without training, for home users, Mobile Spray Tan Therapists and Salon Professionals.

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