The Best=spray Tan For Weddings

The Best Spray Tan For Your Wedding Day

Everyone wants to feel fabulous on their Wedding Day, that includes feeling like you are a beautiful bronzed glowing goddess as you walk down the aisle! The problem is, we all are a little apprehensive to ‘self tan’ or even ‘spray tan’ before the big day because we can’t help but be petrified of those orange mishaps and streaks!

So, here are some tips of how you go about achieving the best possible tan for your wedding day…

Do your research!

It is so important to do your research online and find a reputable salon or person for your spray tan. Of course we will be biased and think the NOUVATAN brand is one of the best tanning brands out there. None the less, whichever brand or therapist you choose, do your research first!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, tell them your concerns of orange collarbones or elbows in your beautiful ivory dress! Ensure they take special care & attention in the prep, during & aftercare of your tan process.

“Transparent” Is our go to bridal product as there is no guide colour to transfer onto your clothes. You can get you tan, get dressed and wait for “the glow’

Book A Consultation or Trial!

Tans work differently on everybody, the perfect glow won’t always work out first time, it is so important to have a consultation or a few spray tans before the big day to make sure you are happy and find your perfect shade!

Take pictures of your dress if you can so your therapist is aware of certain areas to mindful with your tan. It is also good to make a note of any specific products you use as part of your skin care regime so your therapist can advise if these would interfere with you spray tan and results.

If you opt for a few test spray tans a few months before your Big Day, take pictures of the tan results the morning after, the day after that and the day after that as you will see the shade change after you have washed. This can help you choose the desired shade for your big day and also the best day to get the tan!

Preparation is Key

Everyone knows to get the best tan, whether fake or natural, you need to exfoliate first! Importantly though, which many people miss, it is so important to NOT OVER EXFOLIATE!

Exfoliation gives you nice clear and even skin which is a great base to get the tan to cling to but over-exfoliating can remove too much dead skin which actually helps the DHA tanning agent (the bit that makes you brown!) cling to the skin! Being extremely smooth will still tan but it won’t potentially go as dark if you over exfoliate!

Exfoliate the night before or the morning you have the tan with a light exfoliator or salt scrub to achieve a clean base!

Hair Free Base

Do not shave or wax just before your tan as this can cause a streaky tan and the product may not stick evenly. If you wax, give yourself 48hours before your tan to remove the leftover wax reside which could act as a barrier to the tan! Shave the night before and rinse your body in cool water to help close your pores up after!

Whatever you do, don’t moisturise or add lotion to your skin before your tan because this will just act as a barrier!

Hope these tips help you when planning for the big day & achieving that fabulous wedding day tan! If you are planning your wedding and haven’t yet thought about your glowing skin on the big day, get in touch with NOUVATAN to see how they can help you achieve your perfect Wedding Tan!


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